What can I eat in the post-training?


Muscles are exhausted after post-training. Despite being stimulated to grow, its fibers are damaged. For this reason, after training we have to start muscle recovery and ingest nutrients and recovery foods .

It is important to combine diet and training if we want to see results in our body. We have to take into account what is the right time and what food or supplements we should take, especially in post-training .

Post-training is the key moment

After intense work, our body loses a lot of liquids , minerals and electrolytes . For this reason, it is necessary to replace them from nutrients.

In case we look for lose weight or burn fat , it is enough to drink a lot of liquids. That is, take care of hydration . Likewise, it is recommended to wait an hour, approximately, to consume food.

When it is time to eat, it is advisable to eat a low glycemic index. In this way, they do not digest quickly and we encourage our body to continue using fats as an energy source over time.

In addition, post-training is a good time if our goal is to win muscle mass . In this case, we should eat foods rich in proteins and with a minimum of hydrates to provide the fibers what they need to grow. In this way, the use of amino acids by our body is encouraged and stimulates muscle hypertrophy . In addition to water, proteins that are easy to digest and a minimum of sugars are needed between 30 minutes and 2 hours after training. In this way, we stimulate the synthesis of muscle proteins after training. It would also be important to add BCAA. Aside from promoting recovery, this supplement based on Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAA's) and Glutamine directly stimulates muscle protein synthesis.Also, it will vary according to the objective pursued of each one.

Therefore, if the effort invested has been high, we have to include more nutrients even if our objective is to lose weight. It would be necessary to include electrolytes, sugars and minerals, apart from water, because our body would also lose potassium, magnesium and sodium, among others. You can also accompany it with foods that contain sugars and minerals. For example, a banana or another fruit, or replace the water with fresh fruit juices.


If you are an athlete with a high training volume , it would be better to add > fast-digesting carbohydrates to help the production of muscle glycogen and electrolytes for optimal hydration.

You can also increase your athletic ability by accompanying the previous one with micronized creatine . In this way, you will have more strength and energy.

You can increase performance in high intensity activities thanks to beta-alanine . Improves our recovery and develops muscle.

In addition, we recommend whey protein , as it rebuilds damaged muscle tissue during intense training and improves muscle hydration, in addition to increasing the absorption of water from the intestines.

In the case of overtraining syndrome , it would be essential to optimize muscle recovery from micronized glutamine > Glutamine is the amino acid with the greatest presence in our body, while fulfilling important physiological functions, it will improve the immune system and help in the synthesis of proteins.

muscle recovery

You know girls, after training it is important to eat the appropriate foods or supplements to achieve the best results. changes that we are looking for, since rest and muscle recovery are the perfect moments when muscles really grow.

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