The best exercises to eliminate external thigh fat


Whether you are of those who take care during the whole year or just the months before the summer, we all have in common that legs are the part of the body that we find it harder to work . Many of us leave the exercise for "tomorrow", spending weeks and abandoning them little by little.

If you're tired of the classic and eternal exercises of squats and strides, today is your lucky day. Well, we bring you new exercises . These exercises that work the outer thigh, you probably do not know them and, although they seem difficult to do, they are more simple of what you believe.

As you will see later, the most important are the repetitions and the time of each exercise for fatigue the muscles of the thigh of each leg; why no You are going to change sides after each exercise.

You can do all these exercises using your own weight , but you must do strength with your legs, glutes and abs to create your own resistance. If not, go a step further, and get a resistance band around your knees. To get a good grip on the ribbon, you have to stand with your legs a little apart and just hold it by on your knees . Keep in mind that the tape should be a little tight . And above all, go slowly because if you go fast doing the repetitions, you're not going to see the results.

Elevation of lateral leg exercises- outer thigh-two pumps-leg lift

Lie on your left side resting your head on your left hand, with the left leg bent, the right leg stretched, abdomen tight and waist straight. The right side of the waist should be aligned with the left side. Flex the right foot and lift it to the ceiling. Make a bomb to raise the leg to halfway , and one more bomb to raise it as as possible . Lower in two different movements . (You can not let your waist fall back because it will mean that you are not making strength with the abdomen). Do 30 repetitions per leg. Remember to do all the exercises first on one side and then on the other, in order to fatigue the thigh muscle.

Pressure to the ceiling exercises-external thigh-check mark

Start in the same position as in the previous exercise, stretched on your left side. With your toes pointing upwards, take your knee to the front , towards your navel while doing strength with your abs. Extend the right leg diagonally as far as possible.Extend the right leg from end to end, and move it from front to back, as if you were drawing an arch over the left leg. The goal is to have the right leg as perpendicular as possible to the torso. Do 20 repetitions .

El Burner exercises-external thigh-the burner-the burner

With the same position, bend the right knee towards the chest with the foot bent, working the abdominals and the right obliques, without turning. To improve stability, put your right hand on the floor behind you. Now, aim with your foot forward and extend the right leg, bringing the right hand also forward. Then squeeze the buttocks and bend the right knee, bringing the heel towards the buttocks. Repeat the whole series 20 times .

To see better results , we recommend that you do these exercises for the outer thigh three times a week as a complement to your cardio exercises. Remember that in addition to exercising, having a healthy and balanced diet is also essential.

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