How to resume the routine after a break?

You are giving everything. It may be the first time you manage to complete a full week of your bikini operation , or on the contrary, vida fit may be your only way of life. However, a break has it any .

We have just finished with Holy Week and we have the bridge around the corner (and if you are from Madrid, the May 15 is also a free day). You'll go out more, eat more, sleep less and, maybe, you'll be too lazy to exercise. I know, I know. It's hard. Getting used to bad life costs nothing, but retaking healthy habits takes days or even weeks . You do not see clear how to leave behind the chaos and get serious again.

time- return-routine

Time tightens. The beach days are just around the corner and we begin to enter the rush. However, routines must be put into operation with a certain order and a lot of head . They say that to stop smoking you have to do it all at once, that to jump by parachute you have to do it without thinking and if you want to reform the house, better all at once because if you are not going to throw ten years in the rubble. But I have good news:

Resuming the routine progressively is more efficient, and costs less.

How to resume your routine?

  • Infusions, infusions, infusions
  • Hydrates
  • Salt, sugar and trans fats
  • Proteins
  • Exercise

In this week's video I tell you how to make the routine an easy experience . You will notice that your body is better at changing, that there is no urge to chop and that you even want to start again stronger than ever.

And you, what tricks do you have to make it simple?

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